This is my entry for The Pembrock Dock 8h Beer Jam. Your village is out of beer and the Barley Monsta stole all the barley. You need to get it back from he's cave lair.

Purpose of the game is to find the barley in the maze-like cave. The cave is generated each time. Most often there will not be a clear path up to the barley so you'll have to break down the stone walls. The Barley Monsta is roaming the cave and will attack you. There is no way to fight with the Barley Monsta, so you'll have to find a way around him. After grabbing the barley, you need to rush to the exit. Pressing the E key(cooldown a few seconds) will always show the direction in which you need to head.


W,A,S,D -> Move

Space -> Break down stone walls

E -> Orient yourself. See where you need to go

Enter -. Restart


Andrettin - Wyrmsun


- Dark Ambience Loop by Iwan Gabovitch

- Janne Hanhisuanto for Radakan

Made withUnity

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